Welcome to the Christian Entrepreneur…

Where we start, continue, and live out the discussion around being a Christian Entrepreneur. Where Business, Success, Innovation, Faith, Ministry, Service & Authenticity Connect. #thechristianentrepreneur

For us it’s about connecting, collaborating & providing the resources you need to be your best in Business. We have many things planned including monthly webinars, live events, workshops, information to challenge & grow you, all while supporting each other in Business.


We are excited to be launching our first book in November 2017, featuring a number of Christian Entrepreneur Contributors from across the Country.


There are plenty of Entrepreneur or Business owner Groups out there but not a lot when it comes to Christians Business owners connecting with other Christians.  We aim to build a community where connections and support can be offered to assist each other through the journey of Business + Faith.


We aim to provide you with Resources and Recommendations where needed to help build your Christian Values based Business.  Building a Business is not just about creating an income, its also about what value & contribution you bring to the world and those around you.

Faith + Business

Christian Business owners come with different understandings and interpretations around money, wealth, income, Business, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and what it means to stay true to our mutual faith and it’s outworking in our lives.  We are here to encourage conversation around this sometimes controversial issue, and support you along the way.