In our time as Christian Entrepreneurs, we’ve come to realise that our best success comes when we align our business or day job, with our faith, service and impact on the world around us.  Business and God are not separate, you were born with certain skill sets, you were put in front of certain opportunities, God had planned your sphere of impact and service (ministry), and it just makes sense that when all these are aligned, we live a more authentic/successful life, where our impact is naturally felt and experienced.

Entrepreneur Definition:  Someone that takes some form of risk   (If you are a Business owner chances are you take some form of risk).


The essence of this book is to…

Bridge the gap between Christian walk, faith, service, ministry, business, success and authentic living.

Its time to have some new conversations…

We believe it’s time to have different conversations, the hard ones some Christians don’t want to have, the ones Christians never thought they would have!  But the ones that will empower us into impact and ministry in greater ways, and allow Christian Business owners to be completely authentically aligned with their purpose in life.

About the Book…

We wanted to publish a book called ‘The Christian Entrepreneur’, that shared the stories of Christian Business Owners & Entrepreneurs, who see a clear link between what they do in business, being their calling in life, their ministry, and their mission field.  The book will also contain some food for thought and some practical empowering chapters of strategies we have found to work in our Business experience.

The Book is about…

Changing the mindsets, thought processes around some of these key topics, and also empowering Christian men and women to be their best, serve God and people right where they are planted, with the skills they have and the character traits that make them stand out.  It’s about changing the way we approach business, how we do business, our why’s, and how God’s overall plan for our life and impact fits into that.

Some of the things Christians struggle with…

  • Christians can sometimes feel guilty about wanting to be successful, about wanting to make 6 figures or more
  • Sometimes we feel that church life and business don’t really go together, when really, a simple shift in mindset and a greater understanding of the link between the church, faith, service and our business, can really empower people.  Why not be salt and light, while you are working?
  • Is what we do in Business really classed as our ministry to the world?  Shouldn’t I be running a church to be classed as being ‘in ministry’?
  • Beliefs that I can’t claim to be a successful person because its seen as self-promoting, the opposite to humble.
  • Experience with Churches where the church didn’t like successful people, or got stuck on the prosperity teaching of the 80’s/90’s support it.
  • How do you serve (Ministry!) people through your Business?
  • What you think sets you apart from your competitors because you are a Christian
  • What do Christians bring to Business that others don’t?  Do you think these set you apart?
  • Wealth, is it ok to be wealthy, your thoughts on this topic
  • Revelations of scripture and wealth, giving back the essence of who you are
  • What do our churches really need from us, as salt and light in the world?



We are very excited to be launching The Christian Entrepreneur Book at The Deborah Conference in November this year in Brisbane.  Pre-orders for the book wil be open from the end of August, with books being posted in November.