Bridging the gap between our Christian walk, faith, service, ministry, business, success and authentic living.

In our time as Christian entrepreneurs, we’ve come to realise that our best success comes when we align our business or day job with our faith, service and impact on the world around us. Business and God are not separate. You were born with certain character traits, given particular spiritual gifts, brought up to facilitate and grow certain skill sets, planted in certain locations for different seasons and presented with different opportunities. Many of us had some idea of what we wanted to be when we grew up, we all had different passions and experiences that contributed to what our careers would or wouldn’t be. Each person is a piece of God’s greater puzzle. Everyone has a purpose and God brings forth his plans and purposes for you and your sphere of impact and service (ministry), and it just makes sense that when all these are aligned we live a more authentic and successful life where our impact is naturally felt and experienced.

Entrepreneur Definition:  Someone that takes some form of risk.  Someone who challenges what is, to create something better.  (If you are a business owner chances are you take some form of risk).

Entrepreneurship in essence is the creative process of challenging what is and turning it into something fresh, something new. Something that creates new capacity, new solutions, new playing fields and larger impact. God, the ultimate creative mastermind, created the earth and everything in it by speaking the different aspects of creation into being and nothing was missed. We are created in his image.

It’s Time to Have Some New Conversations…

We believe it’s time to have different conversations, the hard ones some Christians don’t want to have, the ones Christians never thought they would have!  But these are the conversations that will empower us for greater impact and ministry and enable Christian business owners to be completely and authentically aligned with their purpose in life.

About the Project…

We saw a need to publish a book that shares the stories of Christian business owners and entrepreneurs, who see a clear link between what they do in business and their calling in life, their ministry and their mission field. ‘The Christian Entrepreneur’ is the bringing together of testimonies, struggles and victories experienced by a diverse group of Christian business people. The book also contains some food for thought and some practical empowering strategies they have found to work in their business experience.

The Book is About…

Changing the mindsets and thought processes around the key topics of calling, ministry and mission and their relationship to business. It is about empowering Christian men and women to be their best, to serve God and people right where they are planted, with the skills they have and the character traits that make them stand out. It’s about changing the way we approach business, how we do business, our whys and how God’s overall plan for our life and impact fits into that, and living authentic lives.

Amy Revell is an author, podcaster, blogger and professional organiser. Amy has always been a super organised person, and this natural gift has developed into a successful business helping women find freedom through decluttering and organising their homes.

The Declutter Queen and minimalist who loves an organising project and drinking tea with friends.

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Maree is a multi-skilled Business Strategist and Educator, Digital Content Writer and Child Protection Practitioner/Lawyer, who is also affectionately known as The Ideas Guru. She uses a range of styles and methods to provide information, insights and ideas to management, staff, students and clients that is relevant, practical, creative and timely.

God-lover on a mission to help as many women as I can give wings to their business and career dreams AND a passionate advocate for the protection of children from abuse and neglect.

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Nic Henry Jones runs a successful digital marketing company based in the Adelaide Hills. She is cutting edge in approach, passionate about building business, and is a leader in her Industry, often getting asked to run workshops and speak at various events.  Her flexible and enthusiastic approach to life has seen her contribute to books as an Author, MC various events, and even pull off the odd cheese platter and event for teams she is a part of.

Supermum, Senior Cheese-platter Designer, Entrepreneur. 

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Linda wears a lot of hats. A writer. A speaker. A podcaster. A wellness advocate. And yet, every one of these has a common passionate thread of hers going through-to encourage others to follow their path even if others say ‘why would you do that?’.

Her favourite place is any beach at times with her dogs and a good hot latte. Oh yeah!

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David has been involved in the Self Storage industry for 30 years, seeing the highs and lows of business expansion to now include multiple locations.  He is an Industry leader, serving on an Australasian Board, and also project managing house builds in Fiji with C3.

An entrepreneur at heart, he’s a quiet but highly respected achiever, and loves living in the Adelaide Hills. 

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What is the one thing that changes everything? It is common to every single individual, relationship, family, team, company, economy, country and nation. The one thing that if removed will destroy the most powerful government, successful business, greatest friendship and the deepest love. On the other hand if developed and leveraged, this one thing has the potential to create unparalleled success and prosperity in every dimension life has to offer. This one thing is Trust. 

Coffee addicted lover of life who lives and breathes epic digital marketing strategies. Living the dream!

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Darryl has been an architectural and real estate photographer since 1998. With a lot of persistence he built a very successful business, and he’s now available to share that knowledge on marketing, pricing and photography with others, making their journey as a photographer a little bit easier.  

A quiet achiever who loves sport, dark chocolate, and thinking outside the box.

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Brenda inspires confidence and ignites courages while helping entrepreneurs globally realise their full potential in life, business and entrepreneurship. She provides a powerful blend of business and life coaching with a core message of the importance of developing “The Courage To Bloom to a growing community of women in Australia and around the world. She is a Business Potentialist, Author and Speaker, and a highly regarded leader in her field.

Prolific speaker, green tea lover and proud mum to 4 beautiful children, and wife to her gorgeous Greek husband!

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Charmayne is the CEO at Essential Grace, a business specialising in the use of essential oils for better health and well being.  She is passionate about helping people renew mindsets and well being so they can be the best version of themselves.

Passionate, empowered and making an impact.

Facebook: essentialgrace1

Some of the things Christian Business owners struggle with…

  • Feeling guilty about having a desire to be successful and wanting a six figure income.
  • Thinking that church life and business don’t really go together. A simple shift in mindset and a greater understanding of the link between the church and our business can really empower people. Why not be salt and light, while you are working and enjoying life.
  • Wondering if what we do in business can really be classed as our ministry to the world.  Shouldn’t we be running a church to be seen as being ‘in ministry’?
  • Is it ok to self-brand and self promote while remaining humble?
  • Being uncertain of how we can serve people through our business and thereby express our ministry.
  • Understanding how being a Christian sets us apart from our competitors.
  • Recognising what Christians bring to business that others don’t?
  • Identifying beliefs about wealth. Is it ok to be wealthy? What does scripture say about wealth?
  • Discovering how we can be authentic and express the essence of who we are through our business and ministry.
  • Discerning what we really need from our churches and what they need from us as salt and light in the world.

Join us on the Christian Entrepreneur Journey as we tackle some of these challenges, and let’s get intentional about creating stronger businesses, enlarging our impact, and seeing our God given potential fulfilled in every way. 

Published November 2017 by Busybird Publishing.
All rights reserved.

Officially launched at The Deborah Conference.